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Jellyfish Premium Mycorrrhizae


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Jellyfish Premium Mycorrhizae is for use when transplanting cutting as seedlings that have rooted out of a starter block. Simply mix it with water according to instructions to make a solution, into which the plant roots are dipped. Hold the plant for 5 seconds with the root zone submerged for the best effects. The beneficial fungi coat the roots and protect them from the stresses of transplantation and rapidly propagate in the new soil to create a great environment in which they can thrive. The bacteria in Jellyfish help inoculate the root zone and help prevent the growth of pathogens which could otherwise threaten plant health. These bacteria are nitrogen fixers which make this essential macro element far more available to the young plants.

Jellyfish Premium Mycorrhizae provides a source of nutrition to young plants, with an NPK of 1-0-2. This gives them a light feeding right after transplantation to help them keep growing during the stressful transition. There is also seaweed, vitamin B1 and humic acids in the formula to boost plant health and nutrient absorption. Jellyfish will really help your young plants not only survive, but also continue growth at a time when they usually slow down due to shock.

For best results, use water that has been left to sit for a few hours, or overnight to allow the chlorine to burn off. Chlorine will kill off beneficial microbes, essentially rendering Jellyfish useless. You can always use Ecothrive Neutraliser to instantly remove the chlorine from water, making it immediately usable.

Alternatives to Jellyfish Premium Mycorrhizae

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a few other beneficial microbe products, the closest to Jellyfish being Azos from Xreme Gardening. These use nitrogen fixing bacteria to boost plant performance and protect the rootzone from pathogenic attack. All our microbial additives are on our website, and you can see them by clicking here.

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