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Jiffy Pot 2.5 inch (Pack of 10)


2.5” Jiffy Pots are an easy to use, biodegradable product that make transplanting very easy. They are ideal for starting seeds off as the roots will air prune when they grow through the soft wall of the pot. Then, when you are ready, you simply plant the whole thing into a larger pot, leaving the roots undisturbed.

The Jiffy pot is made of at least 50% sphagnum along with recycled paper and some basic nutrition. After transplanting, the pot will break down, releasing some essential elements and allowing the roots to spread. This method helps reduce transplant shock, in which plants suffer stress and need time to adjust. As such, your plants will grow on without slowing, achieving stronger and healthier vegetation. By the end of the grow, the pot will have almost completely degraded into the soil.

The Jiffy pots are short enough to fit nicely into a propagator to give plants an even better environment to grow. Be sure to keep an eye on the plants though in case they start rooting into their neighbours pot!

Alternatives to the jiffy pot

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have an array of products for propagation including Root Riot, rockwool cubes and Jiffy pellets. There are also propagators, scalpels, cloning gels and more! You can find all of these things on our site by clicking here!

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