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Advanced Nutrients Liquid Carboload


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Liquid Carboload is an additive from Advanced Nutrients that gives your plants a boost of energy. When plants grow outside, they are free to grow at their own pace without issue. When people grow plants indoors, they want them to grow quickly and efficiently. Electricity and nutrients aren’t free, after all! One of the problems many indoor gardeners face is the stalling of growth, usually a little into flowering. There is a simple reason for this. Intensive grows require far more energy than usual and sometimes they cannot make enough sugars quick enough. The leaves convert carbon dioxide to sugars in the leaves using chlorophyll cells and can sometimes fall behind when a plant is motoring along!

So what does Liquid Carboload do?

It helps the plant address the lack of plant energy by supplying sugars that are ready to use! If you see a slow down in progress, don’t just add more nutrients thinking it could be that. Always check EC levels and if they are fine, it could be a lack of energy. In fact, adding more food could be the worst thing you could do as the plant will have ever less energy trying to use the extra nutrition. Everything will start going brown and die off. What your plants need is to load up on carbs in just the way an athlete does. By having plenty of available energy, your plants can efficiently use nutrients and achieve a higher rate of growth.

As you might expect from the scientists at A.N, Liquid Carboload isn’t just a load of sugar in water, it is a precise blend of the most useful carbs for plants. It contains glucose, xylose and arabinose in combination with fulvic acid. The latter helps roots take up the sugars at a faster rate, so increasing effectiveness. All the extra sugars will also help your fruits develop a stronger, sweeter taste.

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a range of additives for assisting plant growth and blooming. To see what we have, please click on this link. 

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