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Lumii HID to CFL Converter Set


Many customers ask if they can use a regular reflector with a CFL lamp. To do this you would need to clip off the IEC plug for ballasts and wire it up with a standard UK plug. While this should work fine in essence, we have heard stories of it not going so well! Not only this, but it would also void any warranty the shade has. Not so bad if you have a low cost reflector, but not if it was an expensive piece of kit! The Lumii HID to CFL Converter Set allows you to use a CFL lamp in an IEC reflector, saving money.

We recommend making sure the wider body of the CFL fits in the reflector before purchasing this kit. Some shades have a smaller gap between the lamp holder and reflective surface. On a reflector such as a Euro, you can slightly bend the holder down to suit. While not ideal, it’s ok in a pinch.

How to use the Lumii HID to CFL Converter Set

The kit comes with 2 parts, the plug being the essential part. This is a short cable with a standard UK plug on one end and an IEC plug o the other. Plug the reflector cable into this end and you’re ready to plug it straight into the wall. This can also go through a timer too, for automatic switching on and off. The kit also comes with a lamp support clip. This goes through the spine of the reflector (You’ll need to cut a hole if there isn’t one there). The other end hooks into the glass of the lamp, supporting it. CFL reflectors have strengthened spines to help take this weight whereas HID shades may not be made for it.

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a few different shades and CFL lamps available. You can see these products on our site by clicking here.

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