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Mabo Fire Extinguisher – Indoor


The Mabo Fire Extinguisher is one of those products you hope to never need, but provides substantial peace of mind. It is an automatic extinguisher that doesn’t need any human interaction apart from initial installation. Placed in your garden where you suspect fire may start at some point (near high use electrical points, for example), it will remain idle until there is a problem, up a maximum of 10 years.

If a fire does start, the glass tube bursts open and disperses the solution within quickly, instantly extinguishing flames and eliminating smoke. The solution remains on the previously burning surfaces and prevents re-ignition. There is no chance of accidental activation as the glass tube will only burst when a temperature of 84 degrees Celsius is reached; far hotter than ambient temperatures can get. The Mabo Fire Extinguisher is safe and easy to use and does not create any collateral damage if it activates. Will control fires in an enclosed area of up to 16m3, depending on the ferocity of the fire.

The Mabo is suitable for fire classes A, B and C; basically covering fires from solid materials such as wood, paper and fabrics, flammable liquids including petrol and diesel, and gases. It will also stop fires from electrical sources including appliances, wiring or other electrically energized objects in the vicinity. Suitable for Indoor use only.

More information on the Mabo Fire Extinguisher

As well as a product description, you can find more info on the Flamark website by following this link. There you will find safety certificates, warranties and a user manual along with a product data sheet and more.


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