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Mammoth P Microbial Additive 1L (Order in Size)


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Mammoth P from Growcentia is an additive that helps increase nutrient uptake and final yields. It is the result of tireless research at a leading US university and can give a 16% increase to the harvest! Over time, billions of soil bacteria were screened using next generation technology to isolate the most useful. Acting together, they work to accelerate the release of phosphorus into plant available forms by 30x!! Mammoth P has been independently tested by growers and labs that have reported significant increases in growth.

The bacteria in Mammoth P work like tiny bio reactors, continually creating enzymes that release nutrition. The increase in phosphorus helps keep internodes shorter and focuses energy on bud production. It also helps reduce the need for other enzyme treatments as the root zone will be in a good condition anyway. Mammoth P achieves this by out competing the pathogens, preventing them taking hold. Suitable for use in any media from soil and coco to the hydroponic substrates and alongside any other nutrients.

Alternatives to Mammoth P

While Mammoth P is a unique product, we do have other enzyme treatments for the roots. You can find them on our website under the “Additives” section, or by clicking here!

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