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Myco Chum


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Myco Chum from Plant Success is a dual purpose product that will give your plants an extra edge when growing. Firstly, it will feed and nourish the beneficial bacteria and fungi that colonise the root zone. These are very important to fast growing plants as they can break down nutrition into easily absorbed forms and create pathways directly into the root through which they can pass. They do however require food, much like everything else. Usually, the plant creates sugars in the leaves and uses some to feed the microbes in the rhizosphere. While this gets the benefits, it does take some of those sugars that could fuel growth. Myco Chum contains 22% molasses to remove the need for plant sugars, thereby giving the plant more opportunity to grow. It also contains humic acid derived from leonardite, which is one of the best sources. Humic acid helps plants take up nutrients and has long been used to boost plant performance and yield weights.

Myco Chum has an NPK of 1-0-3 which will give your plants a little extra nutrition throughout it’s life. The ingredients are derived from kelp and fish hydrolysate which are well known to optimise plant health. It is these parts as well as the molasses that will give you healthier, bigger fruits with a sweeter taste – and who doesn’t want a better quality product?!

Light feed – 5ml per gallon (3.8L)

Medium feed – 10ml per gallon

Heavy feed – 15ml per gallon

Can also be used to brew a compost tea at 15ml per gallon.

Alternatives to Myco Chum

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a range of additives for feeding microbes, increasing uptake as well as adding microbes. They are all on our website and you can find them by clicking here!

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