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Mykos WP (Wettable Powder)


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Xtreme Gardening Mykos WP is a beneficial fungi that promotes explosive root and plant growth. It helps break down, recycle and retain nutrients around the roots. This helps provide plants with a balance of food, water and is an effective line of defence against disease. Mykos gets to work quickly and 93% of plants show a strong response, developing a greater root mass. It contains a single species of endo-mycorrhizal fungi which eliminates competition around the roots. Endo-mycorrhizal fungi is more effective than ecto mycorrhizae as they colonise around the roots. The latter sit outside the root ball, making them ineffective.

Mykos helps protect plants from stresses that come from drought and heat. By populating the root zone, pathogens have a much harder time penetrating the root surface. Mykos also improves the condition of clay or sandy soil, making for a better environment to grow in.

Mykos WP is a wettable powder which means it is for mixing with water before application. If you want to introduce your already established plant with mycorrhizal fungi, Mykos WP is a great way to add more microbial biology to your growing medium.

Root Drench: Add 3 tbsp. of WP per 5 gallon of water and mix thoroughly. Apply at least 2 cups of WP solution to the base of each plant.

Hydroponic Reservoirs: Add 8 tbsp. of WP per 50 gallons of water. Keep well oxygenated / agitated with air stones and / or pump. Repeat process with every reservoir change.

Alternatives to Mykos WP

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we also stock mykos powder for mixing with soil. You can find this, along with other Xtreme Gardening products on our website, here. Xtreme Gardening products present a great way of boosting plant performance using natural organisms.

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