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Neoprene Collar



The Neoprene Collar is for supporting cuttings in aeroponics systems such as the X-Stream range of propagators.They are also for covering unused sites in these systems to stop light making its way into the water tank. Neoprene collars fit inside the 5 cm net pots sold here at Straight Up Hydro. The Neoprene Collar supports cuttings propagated in net pots without the use of artificial growing media. The collars consist of a durable, pliable material that hold and protect fresh cuttings without damaging any of the plants delicate tissue. The collars have a slit from the centre to the outside edge making inserting and removing cuttings simple.

If you want to try using the Neoprene Collar for aeroponics propagation of cuttings, we stock the smaller X-Stream propagators. If you want the 120 site system, we can order it in for you. The cuttings sit in the neoprene collars and are then set in mesh pots in the propagator. The pots suspend below the top tray and a fine mist of water and nutrient constantly sprays around the base of the plants. This misting stimulates fast growth as the roots grow out to access the water and nutrient. The plants have superb access to oxygen and plants are typically ready to transplant after just 7 to 10 days.

What else can I use the Neoprene Collar for?

The Neoprene Collar is for holding plants in a net pot while it roots. You can make your own system using buckets and the like. This is a popular project for many growers who want to try making their own, usually smaller scale, systems. If you need any other DIY parts for making such a system, you can find them on our site, here. In this section, you can also find the 5cm net pots that the collars fit in. With a few small holes in a bucket lid, you can easily make your own aeroponic propagator.

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