You may have read a bit about Emerald Harvest products and are wondering what the range is all about. This blog will bring some information about the products and they do to help give you a better idea of what they’re about and what they can do for you and your plants.

Emerald Harvest set out to create a nutrient line that is both high quality and easy to use, all at a reasonable price. Their nutrients consist of a choice of 2 base nutrient systems, 4 core additives and a couple of other optional supplements. This makes it an easy system to use while still offering top grade nutrition for your plants. From the outset, Emerald Harvest have developed their products with quality in mind. Some other brands want to give you a whole library of bottles to use, claiming that each one is necessary for maximum growth. Across many brands, you’ll find there are a huge number of additives and ingredients that boost plant performance but can leave the user feeling a little confused or overwhelmed. These include –

  • Mycorrhizal Fungi and Rhizobacteria
  • Carbohydrates
  • Amino acids
  • Vitamins
  • Enzymes
  • Chelated micronutrients
  • Rare earth elements
  • Kelp meal
  • Bone meal
  • Alfalfa meal
  • Fish meal
  • Bat guano
  • Worm castings
  • Humic acid
  • Fulvic acid
  • …….. and all the usual NPK elements the plant actually needs!

Some growers can get along with using a chemistry set of individual components, but for most growers, simplicity goes a long way! Emerald Harvest have done as much research as they can into the subject and have built their range to make the products as efficient as possible.  Some of the above compounds cannot be combined together and be useful to the plant, so their scientists worked out the best way of adding everything in a streamlined product line. While their additives are fine for alongside other nutrient brands, they really come into their own when in combination with the rest of the EH range. This is because you have the full and complete line up of all ingredients, with no gaps.

Before moving on and introducing each product, it’s probably worth mentioning the unique bottle design of the Emerald Harvest range. Not the picture design (although we think they are awesome!) but the bottle itself; it resembles a washing liquid bottle! This is a great idea as it uses the same “no spill” spout, meaning less waste and less spillage. The handle also makes the bottles easy to handle!

What are the products in the Emerald Harvest range?


There are 2 different base feeds available to suit your style of growing. Cali Pro is a 2 part Grow and 2 part Bloom system that is simple to use while being extremely effective. Then there is the Grow, Bloom and Micro 3 part system which uses all 3 bottles at all stages of growth, just at different ratios. This allows the user more freedom to fine tune the nutrition for their specific needs. Of course, if you’re going “off schedule” you should know what you’re doing and know what to watch for!

Cali Pro Grow and Bloom

As mentioned above, Cali Pro Grow and Bloom are 2 part nutrients; A & B for Grow, A & B for Bloom. They are an easy nutrient to use by simply mixing equal parts of each into the water according to the schedule. It is a nitrogen rich product that contains plenty of chelated elements for maximum absorption and effect, including iron, manganese, copper and zinc among others. Add part A first as it has more reactive ingredients, stir well and add part B. Mix again before adding any additives. For best results, maintain a pH of between 5.6 – 6.3 and if you can, a water temperature of 17 – 21 degrees Celsius (in hydroponics). Allow to sit for a few minutes before adjusting pH.


NPK – Grow A = 3-0-0. Grow B = 2-2-5. Bloom A = 3-0-3. Bloom B = 1-4-6.

Appearance – Same consistency as water, but slightly heavier. Grow is a green colour and Bloom is a rusty red (due to the iron and calcium).

Aroma – Both smell vaguely like the ocean.

Texture – Like salt water

Shelf Life – Will keep for up to 3 years or more if stored under correct conditions (Cool, dark place – not lower than 7.2 degrees).







Grow, Bloom & Micro 3 Part

If you know your crop well, and you know what it needs at any particular time, this may be the best option for you. The schedule is designed to adjust each bottles dosage depending on where the plant is in the grow cycle and what nutrition it might need more at that time. As such, you use all bottles at all stages (except late flowering, when it’s all on Bloom and Micro!) to keep the plant fed with the full elemental profile. To mix the 3 part nutrients, start by balancing the pH of the water and then begin with Micro. Stir in well then add grow and bloom in any order, mixing well between each. Finally, add any additives you are using, stir again and apply to the plants.


NPK – Grow = 2-1-6. Bloom = 0-5-4. Micro = 5-0-1.

Appearance – Same consistency as water, but slightly heavier. Grow is green, Bloom is a purplish red and Micro is a rusty red.

Aroma – All smell vaguely like the ocean

Texture – Like salt water

Shelf life – Will keep for up to 3 years or more if stored under correct conditions (Cool, dark place – not lower than 8.8 degrees).









There are 4 core supplements to the Emerald Harvest range and 2 optional ones. This section covers the former.


Root Wizard – Massive Root Builder

Root Wizard targets the plant below the media, working in many ways to increase efficiency and maintain health. It contains multiple strains of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria that supercharge the roots, increasing mass and hugely increasing nutrient absorption potential. These PGPRs rapidly propagate to colonize the rhizosphere where they help break down organic matter into bioavailable forms and deposit them at root tips where they are most effective. They also stimulate the plant to expand the root system, encouraging longer roots and more root hairs. Scientists at Emerald Harvest have carefully selected their bacterial strains to offer the most effect for the price you pay. There are multiple strains to prevent any one type becoming dominant, which may cause an imbalance in the microbial ecosystem. By having a diverse bacterial population around the roots, they will be more stable and vibrant and will also stop “bad” bacteria getting a foothold.

Root Wizard is fine for use in all media including hydroponics; it doesn’t clog up drip lines. You can also use it as a foliar spray to coat the top of the plant with beneficial bacteria.


Appearance – Honey coloured

Aroma – Smells a bit like yogurt

Texture – Slightly viscous and slippery

Shelf life – Root Wizard contains natural ingredients that need to be kept out of direct sunlight. It’s also best to use it soon after opening if you can. Under optimal conditions, it should last 18 months or so.




Honey Chome – Aroma and Resin Enricher

Honey Chome has the job of raising the quality of your harvests making them both tastier and more valuable. It boosts production of terpenes and flavonoids in the plant which improves fragrance, flavour, potency, colour and weight – all things gardeners want from their plants. Terpenes are the building blocks of many plant based compounds including resins, oils and saps. They have many uses ranging from defence mechanisms (repelling insects) to biochemical attractors, bringing in symbiotic organisms for pollination and such. The more terpenes such as esters and phenols, the more fragrant the flowers will be, giving the impression of a healthy plant at the peak of quality. More terpenes also means more intense flavours, being as they are closely linked to aroma. A boost in flavonoids increases the visual appeal of your plants, making colours denser and more attractive.

Honey Chome also contains a blend of simple carbohydrates (sugars) that are easily absorbable. They come from sources including cane sugar, palm sugar and agave nectar. These are there to provide the microbial population in Root Wizard with a plentiful food supply, allowing them to thrive. These bacteria usually feed on carbs that the plant creates to feed them, but by supplying an outside source, the plant can concentrate more on top end growth rather than carbohydrate synthesis to feed microbes. While many growers use molasses for this, it is difficult to judge how much is required. An excess of sugars can easily lead to bad bacteria having a plentiful food supply with which to grow. Honey Chome provides just the right amount to nourish the Root Wizard strains to promote a vibrant microbial population. If you want a product that increases both plant health and yield quality; look no further than Honey Chome!

Honey Chome is for use only as a root feed, not as a foliar. The structure of the additive may cause leaf stomata to clog, suffocating the plant. You can apply to seedlings at half strength to give them a dose of simple sugars, providing them fuel for growth.


NPK – 0.5-0.5-1

Appearance – A milky honey colour

Aroma – Sweet, as if it were edible!

Texture – Thick like warm honey

Shelf life – Contains sugars that should be kept out of direct sunlight. Always keep tightly closed and try to use soon after opening. Under optimal storage conditions, shelf life is 2 years or more.

Emerald Goddess – Premium Plant Tonic

Emerald Goddess is a top quality plant tonic that offers support for rapidly growing plants. This rich, natural tea is a potent biocatalyst that contains a wide range of ingredients known to promote plant health. The list of ingredients is impressive, including alfalfa, kelp, vitamin B1, humic acid and more! These all combine to speed up chemical reactions in plants in a wide array of processes. For example, alfalfa produces a hormonal response in the plant that improves shoot and root development. It also contains a natural plant growth factor, triacontanol, that boosts photosynthesis and encourages rooting.

Kelp extracts contains auxins and cytokinins that boost growth in both leaf and root. It also increases chlorophyll content and can stimulate early flowering. Humic acid is a natural chelator that helps the plant absorb more nutrients by making them more available. With greater access to food, the plant can grow without restriction! Humates also improves soil fertility and is important in ion exchange; the process by which plants get essential elements.

There are many more ingredients in Emerald Goddess that give the plant an array of benefits, including better carbon dioxide absorption, nourishing beneficial bacteria and fungi, improved water usage, increasing nitrogen and potassium levels, better resistance to frost and drought, strengthened plant systems and more! It is great as an add on with other nutrient ranges, but of course fits in perfectly with the Emerald Harvest range.

Emerald Goddess is perfect for use with any plant at any phase of growth. It is very versatile in that you can use it on its own with light feeding plants, such as house plants or as a health tonic for heavy feeding, fast growing plants. For best results, use alongside King Kola to maximise bloom boost potential! Use as a foliar spray (with a wetting agent preferably) or as a root drench in dense growing media.


NPK – 2-1-4

Appearance – Dark coffee colour (be careful! It can stain)

Aroma – Strong smell of both earth and sea that is quite intense! Once diluted it’s OK!

Texture – A little viscous

Shelf life – As it contains natural ingredients, store in a cool dark place and definitely away from sunlight. For best results, use soon after opening. Under optimal storage conditions, it should be fine for 18 months or more.

King Kola – Powerful Bloom Booster

King Kola is a one bottle flower booster that is used through the whole bloom cycle. As you might expect, it contains a source of potassium and phosphorus, which are well known for improving flowering. It is, however, the only booster of its kind that uses a protein source derived from plant sources; specifically, hemp. Many other brands use a bovine source, which is usable but not very efficiently. Plant based protein better suits the profile plants need, making it far more usable. Proteins help with mineral chelation and flower development, so a plentiful supply will have  only positive effects on plants!

Extra potassium and phosphorus increase flowering response to produce bigger, more potent fruit. Plants will begin budding earlier and get to full maturity quicker. This has the effect of shortening the flowering cycle, meaning you get to harvest quicker! Great for getting your produce earlier and great for getting started on another grow!

King Kola uses a single bottle, single formula for the whole flower cycle. No need for “early” and “late” flowering bottles that cost you more money. Instead of different products, you simply adjust the dosage rate, depending on where your plants are in the bloom cycle.

King Kola is used in the nutrient mix to be absorbed by the roots, but it is also suitable for use as a foliar spray, where it will help improve crop resistance to stress.


NPK – 0.3-2-3

Appearance – Milky green colour (similar green to the bottle!)

Aroma – Slightly nutty and mildly earthy.

Texture – Milky

Shelf life – Contains natural ingredients and should be kept out of direct sunlight. For best results, use soon after opening. Shelf life is 18 months or more under optimal conditions.


Cal-Mag – Calcium – Magnesium Supplement

Emerald Harvest Cal-Mag is for treating deficiencies in calcium and magnesium, as you would expect, but it has further benefits too. It contains a natural source of nitrogen and other plant usable compounds that help keep the plant growing healthily. Generally, if you are using the rest of the Emerald Harvest range of products, you shouldn’t need a cal-mag supplement as there is enough in the bottles. Unfortunately, sometimes deficiencies can occur, particularly in coco based medias as it has a tendency to lock out calcium and magnesium. Emerald Harvest Cal-Mag is a fast acting additive as it uses magnesium and calcium acetate. These absorb into the plant up to three times faster than conventional products, meaning it’ll get to work correcting deficiencies quicker. It is recommended that you start with a lower dose and build up to the full strength if you need it.

The nitrogen in Cal-Mag helps support vegetative growth which can be stunted by other deficiencies. It also has kelp extract to decrease stress in the plant and increase chlorophyll in the leaves. Emerald harvest Cal-Mag is a great product for feeding hungry plants that are rapidly vegging, using large amounts of nutrition. Ideally you’d use it on it’s own on a “water only” day.


NPK – 2-0-0

Appearance – Dark brown to black liquid.

Aroma – Like salt water, with a slight “wet beach” smell.

Texture – Mildly viscous and a bit oily

Shelf life – Kept in a cool, dark place, it should last 3 years or more.



Sturdy Stalk – Potassium Silicate Supplement

Many ranges of nutrient have a silica additive, and this is Emerald Harvests. Silica doesn’t play well with other elements and compounds in concentrate form, which is why its always separate. The silica in Sturdy Stalk works to bolster the plant at a cellular level, strengthening it from within. With plenty of silica, cell walls become tougher and less likely to rupture. This added strength gives the stems a high degree of rigidity, making it much more capable of supporting the large fruits that you’re aiming for.

Plants that grow indoors are not usually subjected to the environmental stresses of weather. Outside, the plant is buffered by winds, hit with rain or baked in the sun and they naturally draw silicon from the soil and use it to protect themselves. Indoor plants lack this external stimulus and can end up somewhat weaker than they should be. If you then add some heavy fruit to the top, there is a good chance the plant could bend or even break under the strain without support. Sturdy Stalk helps combat this weakness by providing the materials a plant needs to strengthen itself, particularly as they cannot find their own indoors as the could outside. As well as the silica, it also contains some potassium that will help with flowering, being one of the big 3 NPK macro elements.

Use Sturdy Stalk on its own on a watering day. You can use it with the rest of the Emerald Harvest if you have to but please be aware that potassium silicate is highly reactive with other nutrient ingredients.


NPK – 0-0-1

Appearance – Like lemonade

Aroma – Slightly caustic

Texture – Watery

Shelf Life – Contains no organic products so should last 10 years or more.


That’s the full range! Emerald Harvest have gone all out to bring both hobbyist and professionals alike the very best in plant nutrition. Their products are rapidly gaining favour as growers see how their plants respond to it. In fact, they have been awarded “Best Nutrient Company” 7 years in a row, and now you can find out why at Straight Up Hydroponics!

Getting started with Emerald Harvest.

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have put together starter packs that give you 1L sizes of the following products

Complete base nutrient (Either Cali Pro Grow and Bloom, or 3 part Grow, Bloom and Micro)

Root Wizard

Honey chome

Emerald Goddess

King Kola

This will be enough to get you going and maybe even complete a small grow, thereby giving you a good idea of what EH can do for you. If it is something that might interest you, you can find their products on our website by clicking here!