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Optic Foliar Rev


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Optic Foliar Rev is a highly effective support additive that helps plants maintain their rapid and continued growth. Plants growing in this way absorb and use elements quickly and without care can quickly run out. Some elements can be difficult for plants to move around in the quantities they need, especially to the furthest tips of the upper leaves. Optic Foliar Rev, when sprayed on, delivers NPK directly to these harder to reach areas and ensures there is a steady supply of these important elements. Your plants can grow without the need to work as hard moving nutrients around and can use the extra energy to generate bio mass.

One of the best features of Rev is the ability to use it during the “lights on” phase. Many other sprays require use during the dark phase to stop leaf burn from intense light. Usually, light hits droplets of water and is magnified onto the leaf surface, causing damage. With Transport, that isn’t an issue! The ability to spray with the lights on, when you can see what you’re doing is a great advantage!

Alternatives to Optic Foliar Rev

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a few other foliar sprays available, for a variety of uses. Geisha Foliar, for example, encourages more flowering sites to develop, whereas Plant Magic Evolution speeds up the vegetative cycle and generates more growth, leading to more flowering. Always have a read up on the product to get the effect you are looking for! All of our nutrient feeds, additives and sprays are on our website, which can reach by clicking here.

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