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Optic Foliar Switch


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Optic Foliar Switch is a works on your plants in a couple of ways to increase yields and prevent plants going to seed. It stimulates the plant to transition quicker into the flowering phase, giving a longer period for fruit to develop. You’ll also gain additional flowering sites and a reduction in stretch, keeping the plant compact and strong. Switch also stops male parts developing on the plants, keeping your crop all female. This is very handy for those growing crops that they want to remain seedless, such as grapes, watermelon and tomatoes.

Switch helps deal with the potential change to hermaphrodite from stressful situations in the grow room. You can also use it on plants that have already started the change to male, stopping the development of male parts. Male flowers will drop off and any pollinated flowers will be aborted. Switch uses, amongst other things, ethylene to control the plant hormones. It is traditionally used in the horticultural industry to encourage quicker ripening and is the reason new fruit ripens far quicker in the presence of older fruit. The older fruit releases ethylene, speeding up the ripening of the new fruit.

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