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Optic Foliar Transport


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Optic Foliar Transport is a wetting agent that maximises the effectiveness of other ingredients mixed with it. By altering the surface tension of water, plants can absorb it far easier through the leaf surface. This stops wastage as a lot of sprays simply run off the leaf before they have a chance to be effective. Transport is effective with any number of products that you might want to spray from base nutrients and boosters to pesticides and fungicides. Nutrients will be far more available and easier to use, while pesticides will penetrate the tissues more effectively and so be a better defence against attack.

One of the best features of Transport is the ability to use it during the “lights on” phase. Many other sprays require use during the dark phase to stop leaf burn from intense light. Usually, light hits droplets of water and is magnified onto the leaf surface, causing damage. With Transport, that isn’t an issue! The ability to spray with the lights on, when you can see what you’re doing is a great advantage!

Alternatives to Optic Foliar Transport

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a couple of other options when it comes to wetting agents. Aqua Burst is a popular liquid version, while RAW Yucca is an effective powdered version. As mentioned above, though, you’d ideally spray with these during the dark phase. These products and more are on our website in the “Nutrients” section, which you can see by clicking here.

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