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Optic Foliar Watts


£19.50 – £27.50


Optic Foliar Watts maximizes the plants ability to absorb and use available light, either from the sun or artificial lighting. It stimulates the production of chlorophyll and chloroplasts, and speeds up the ATP cycle for faster conversions into sugars. Paying to run a ballast and light is often not as cheap as you might like, so squeezing as much light usage as possible is a great way to increase cost effectiveness.

Plants that photosynthesize quicker also draw water and nutrients at a faster rate, stimulating enhanced growth in all areas of the plant. From the top of the plant to the lowest roots, all areas of the plant will experience a boost in energy and growth, resulting in a stronger plant and better yields. Most foliar sprays are not meant to be used during the lights on phase as there is a possibility of burning the leaf surface. Watts is made to be used when the lights are on and will not adversely affect the plant in any way.

Alternatives to Optic Foliar Watts

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a few other foliar sprays available, for a variety of uses. Geisha Foliar, for example, encourages more flowering sites to develop, whereas Plant Magic Evolution speeds up the vegetative cycle and generates more growth, leading to more flowering. Always have a read up on the product to get the effect you are looking for! All of our nutrient feeds, additives and sprays are on our website, which can reach by clicking here.

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