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Orca Film Highly Reflective Sheeting 1.37m x 10m

SKU: 14-670-005


Orca Film is a revolutionary product that will help you gain higher yields! It does this by allowing your plants access to more light from the source. The film consists of threads of high density, especially reflective plastic, bonded together to create a surface topography unique to itself. This layout of fibres and these micro fibres and the submicron pores creates a highly reflective, diffuse surface. Snowflakes have a similar construct allowing them to reflect a large amount of light across the spectrum. This is why snow appears such a brilliant white colour. Diffuse reflection, as opposed to direct reflection is great for hydroponic growers. It eliminates hot spots and bounces light in every direction, not just the angle of incidence.

Orca Film has a 99% diffuse surface which means that it doesn’t need to be hung flat to gain the best from it. Any angle the light hits it will make it effective and still there will be no hot spots. Orca is also 100% light tight, ensuring no light is lost through the film, which is a major concern for some gardeners. It also reflects infra-red (heat) back into the room, where it should be so keeping plants warm and not the surrounding room.

As well as all these benefits, Orca Film reflects light and maintains its original spectrum, ensuring your plants get the maximum PAR from your light source. Some cheaper rolls can absorb some light and slighty change its nature. Although some light goes back into the room, it might not be of high enough PAR to be useful.

More great features of Orca Film

– 280 microns thick. Puncture and tear resistant, making it easier to hang and clean without fear of damage.
– Washable and cleanable with regular household cleaners.
– Helps prevent mould and algae growth that can sometimes occur on cheaper films.
– UV stable – does not yellow and so will always maintain its highly accurate light reflecting properties.
– Recyclable and eco friendly. Contains no halogens, plasticizers or VOCs.

We realize that the price is high for this  10m roll, but we’re confident that if you see it in action you’ll be impressed! If you are near the Canterbury shop, drop in and see it working with a light fitting. We have a Secret Jardin Orca tent on display and the brightness in there is really quite amazing! If it is a bit too rich for your blood, fear not! We have other sheeting available in store or online. You can see what we have by clicking on this link. PLEASE NOTE! We may not always have Orca Film in stock. Please call ahead before travelling to your local store.

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