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Orca Liquid Mycorrhizae


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Orca Liquid Mycorrhizae from Plant Success is an all in one microbial supplement that has an incredible effect on roots. It consists of 11 types of highly beneficial bacteria and four strains of endomycorrhizal fungi. After treating plants, they quickly colonize the root zone and establish a symbiotic relationship with the roots, offering many benefits.

The aggressive bacteria rapidly propagate around the roots and create a dominating microbial force around the roots. This is bad news for other types of bacteria that try to attack and destroy the roots as there is no room to grow and no food for them to use. Orca Liquid Mycorrhizae works to fend off diseases such as Pythium; protecting the plant and maintaining health and performance.

The 4 types of endomycorrhizal fungi grow around the roots and penetrate the root cells. While this doesn’t sound like a good thing, it actually boosts nutrient uptake significantly. The fungi acts as a pathway into the roots for plant feeds, giving the plant access to far more nutrition than it could otherwise absorb. With more food comes the potential for explosive growth and fruit development – and why wouldn’t you want that?!

Orca Liquid Mycorrhizae is suitable for use in all media including soil, coco and hydroponics. As it is a liquid, it mixes in with plant feed. For soil and coco users, apply at a rate of just 0.25ml per litre. Hydroponic gardeners should use it at a dose rate of 0.25ml per litre, every two weeks throughout growth and bloom. Stop using 4 weeks before harvest. Do not use alongside hydrogen peroxide products such as Liquid Oxygen or Silver Bullet. These are made to attack and destroy organic things in the water tank (to keep things sterile and healthy). Unfortunately, it cannot tell which bacteria to attack and will destroy Orca as well.

Alternatives to Orca Liquid Mycorrhizae

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a few other products for increasing microbial content around roots. Great White is a powder additive from Plant Success, but we also have Plant Magic Granules and products from Xtreme Gardening like Mykos and Azos. All of these are on our website and you can see them by clicking here.

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