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Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Grow


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pH Perfect Grow is part of the 3 part nutrient range from Advanced Nutrients. Many growers don’t like all that 2 part grow and 2 part bloom business, instead preferring to keep it simple. While the 2 part nutrients for grow and bloom, such as the Connoisseur range, deliver more accurate nutrition, the pH Perfect range still gives great results in a more forgiving regime. They are still full of top quality ingredients, as you would expect from Adv. Nutrients, so you can be sure you’re getting a great product.

pH Perfect Grow incorporates only the best “Carrier molecules” which assist the plant in taking up elements as quickly as possible. Through multiple studies, they have come up with a formula that increases size, flavours and aromas of fruits. Advanced Nutrients claim that using pH Perfect plant feeds will drive 31% more nutrients into your plants 37% quicker. They are specially made for growing plants indoors and all the nutritional needs they require. All the important elements are in chelate form which are the easiest form for the plant to use.

What does the pH Perfect in pH Perfect Grow mean?

I means that the nutrients will balance the pH themselves to where it needs to be. This is a massive advantage because you won’t need to add acids to alter the pH level. These can be unnecessary additions that can have adverse effects if overdone. As long as all the base nutrients and additives use pH Perfect technology, the pH level will stabilize without your intervention. So, as well as being a simple to use feed regime, it does all the work in allowing the maximum amount of element absorption.

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a great range of base nutrients from different manufacturers. You can see them by clicking on this link!

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