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Phresh Intake Filter


£36.50 – £182.50


The Phresh Intake Filter cleans the air going into your grow room, before it reaches your plants. Traditionally, many growers use an open piece of ducting coming from outside the room to feed the intake fan, but this can come with risks. This is how many grow room problems make their way in, including insects, mould spores, dust and dirt. The Phresh Intake Filter eliminates these contaminants, protecting your plants from attack. While it is true the speed of the air intake will be reduced a little by using it, the benefits far outweigh this loss of air movement.

The filter itself consists of a pleated carbon belt that goes around the filter, providing a huge surface area through which air is filtered. The nano mesh fibre will stop even the smallest of particles in their tracks. As with an extraction filter, these intake filters come with a pre-filter sleeve to stop the larger pieces of dirt etc from contacting and gumming up the carbon belt. Ideally, you’d match these filters with a fan of the same size to ensure the right air movement capacity is maintained. Putting an 8” fan on a 4” Intake filter, for example, would put too much pressure on the carbon belt, and the strength of the fan could cause damage and therefore allow the contaminants through.

Alternative to the Phresh Intake Filter

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we stock Bug Barriers to help stop insect ingress into your grow room. They consist of a fine mesh that attaches over the end of a piece of ducting. While they keep the larger bugs out, they aren’t able to stop mould spores, dirt and tiny insects. All of our other filters are on our website here.

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