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PK 13/14


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BioGreen PK 13/14 is a highly effective potassium and phosphorus additive that will support plants during the critical stages of flowering. Both of these essential macro elements are used in larger volumes during the development of flowers and fruits. By adding more to the nutrient solution, the plant will have everything it needs to flower explosively without restriction.

PK 13/14 is for use in for a short period from week 2 to week 4, although there are exceptions. If you are going to use Flower Boost or X-Blast, you’ll need to adjust the time you use PK for. We recommend following the manufacturers schedule for the most effective use of the nutrients. PK 13/14 is a mineral based product so has no real shelf life. It consists of only the finest grade raw materials, ensuring your plants are getting the very best of what is available.

Alternnatives to BioGreen PK 13/14

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a range of other potassium and phosphorus products, many of which work in different ways. Hesi and Canna have their own products that provide just the minerals, whereas other brands such as Buddhas Tree and Shogun Warrior PK 9/18 include boosters in their formula. You can find all of our additives in the “Nutrients” section of the website by clicking here.

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