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Plagron Euro Pebbles




At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have had a few brands of pebbles in stock, and have settled on Plagron Euro Pebbles as our standard product. It is a high quality, inert substrate that is great for hydroponic growing. It consists of a salt free clay that bakes in an open oven to produce the characteristic granules. Plagron Euro Pebbles have a range of applications for many growers. While they are great for recirculating systems, they can also mix into soil to improve aeration throughout. They can also sit at the bottom of pots of heavier media such as coco coir to assist drainage. The pebble size is between 8mm – 16mm and are available in 45L bags.

How to get the most out of Euro Pebbles.

Plagron wash their pebbles before bagging but it is always best to give them another go over when you get them. The reason being, during transport from factory to supplier, supplier to shop and shop to you they move a lot. The handling of the bags causes the pebbles to rub against each other, creating a fine clay dust. If this is finds its way into your system, it can cause clogging of pipes or damage to pumps. Plagron also recommend soaking them in an enzyme treatment with a pH of about 5.5 for 24 hours. This makes sure they are completely clean and  at the best acidity for growing. Euro Pebbles are suitable for use again and again if they are made sterile between grows. This is great news as large volumes of them can be a pain to dispose of!

At Straight up Hydroponics, we know that sometimes 45L of pebbles is too much, especially if they’re only for drainage in pots. Therefore, we can measure out 10L in store upon request. We also have a range of other media available should you want something else. To see what we have, please click here. We also have access to other brands of clay pebbles if you want a specific product. Please call us about availability, prices and delivery times!

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