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Plant Vitality Nano Silicate+


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Plant Vitality Nano Silicate + is a silicon additive that aims to strengthen cell walls making your plants stronger and more able to bear heavy fruits. This extra strength will also help the plant to withstand poor conditions including drought, overwatering, extremes of heat and cold. When plants are grown outside, the constant buffering by the wind helps plants to stiffen up and grow strong. Indoor grow rooms do not really have those conditions so growers use silicon supplements to keep plants strong.

The added benefit of stronger cell walls is biting and sucking insects have a harder time burrowing into the plants, which means the plant keeps its integrity for longer making the treatment window that much bigger.

Plant Vitality Nano Silicate + also helps in the transportation of carbohydrates in plants, getting sugars into the fruit, and unlocks Calcium in the grow medium, making it more available to the plant. It also assists in the movement of Nitrogen around the plant which keeps everything green and healthy.

The nano particle nature of Plant Vitality nutrients enables the plant to absorb and use it quickly, meaning the plant has less work to do in breaking molecules down for use. This in turn allows the plant to concentrate on new growth.

0.5ml per litre on the normal feed schedule.
1ml per litre if you want to slow vertical growth and encourage internode growth (2ml if using as a foliar)

For best results, we always suggest following the manufacturers grow schedule. This way you know your plants will be getting everything it needs at the right time. As with any bottle of nutrient, always give it a good shake before use. Never mix concentrates together in neat form.

Straight Up Hydroponcs stock the complete range of Plant Vitality nutrients, in store or online for mail order. To have a look through what is available, please click on this link!

Plant Vitality Novice and Expert Schedules are available to view under in each Plant Vitality base nutrient page.

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