125w Red CFL Bulb


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The 125w Red CFL Bulb is a lower wattage light source for the flowering stage. If HID systems are too strong for your plants or would create too much heat, this may be ideal. They have an output colour temperature of 2700k which makes it great for the flowering phase. They are suitable for use as the main light source in small set ups or as a supplementary light. By hanging it vertically between plants, you supply more light to normally shadowy places. Beneath the top leaves, less light gets through, making lower leaves less productive.

Growing under a 125w Red CFL Bulb has advantages and disadvantages. They are lower watt so cost less to run than an HID system. They also produce far less heat than those systems which is great for small spaces.They are also self-ballasting and only need CFL reflector or CFL lamp lead to operate. Screw the lamp in and plug the reflector/ cable in to the wall.

So what are the disadvantages? Unfortunately they don’t have the PAR and lumen output of a High Intensity Discharge system. This means you cannot expect the same yield from a CFL as you would an HPS lamp. The plant may grow slower too, taking longer to reach a harvest-able state. So if time is not a concern and you are just growing casually, CFLs could be for you!

What are the alternatives to the 125w Red CFL Bulb?

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a few other lower wattage light fittings, in a few different forms. We stock the Secret Jardin TLED strips which are great for propagation and supplementary lighting. T5 fittings use long fluorescent tubes to deliver light, again available in different sizes. Even the CFL bulbs come in different colours and sizes. You can see all of our CFL and other lighting products on our website by clicking on this link.

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