1 Metre Square Garland Tray


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The 1m2  Garland Tray is a robust product that has many uses in the grow room, greenhouse and beyond. They are the largest in the Garland tray range in stock here at Straight Up Hydroponics and are ideal for use as a reservoir or pot saucer. 1m2 Garland Trays have an internal capacity of 100 Litres. The trays consist of recycled polypropylene and are a tough, rigid product. Under normal use, they should last for years with some care. Between uses, give them a good clean up with some household cleaner and they’ll be ready to go again! Garland Trays are available in Standard, 60cm2, Jumbo, Giant, Titan and Metre Square sizes. There are a couple of other types available including a huge 1.2 metre square tray which we can order if you need it.

The dimensions of the Garland trays are as follows:

STANDARD – 56 x 40 x 4 – 9L Capacity
60cm2 – 60 x 60x 7 – 21L Capacity
JUMBO – 117 x 40 x 4 – 18L Capacity
GIANT – 110 x 55 x 4 – 25L Capacity
METRE SQUARE – 100 x 100 x 12 – 100L Capacity
TITAN – 55 x 100 x 15 – 65L Capacity

What are the alternatives to the 1m2 Square Garland Tray?

There are many different ways you can set up a grow room if you are using pots and trays. Some opt for larger trays to store many pots on and some opt for individual saucers for their pots! It depends on the grower, so the choice is yours! We have a range of trays, saucers and pots to help you achieve the layout you want! To see all of our pots and trays, please click on this link!

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