Aqua Burst Wetting Agent 300ml



Aqua Burst is a wetting agent for use on plants in soil, coco and other solid media types. These all have an inherent problem that many growers are unaware of, namely uneven wetting. As water flows through the media it can follow “pre set” paths, causing patches of dry media throughout the pot. Over time, these areas become drier and drier and ever more resistant to soaking up water. Water from above will always find the easiest route downwards and so won’t soak into the harder soil areas. You end up with paths through the media that the water will always follow, effectively reducing the amount of available media. In this situation, roots cannot fill the pot and the plant cannot perform at its peak.

Adding Aqua Burst will have a positive effect on growth rate and crop performance. Regular use will ensure healthy, full root growth and optimal performance. Root hair growth improves vastly and allows maximum absorption of nutrition from the media. Aqua Burst helps water move laterally through the media. This means it can better move sideways through the soil/ coco which is great when feeding via drippers. This watering from a point can easily cause issues if the water cannot spread evenly.

What are the alternatives to Aqua Burst?

Many nutrient makers now use wetting agents as part of their feed recipe. Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow and Bloom now incorporate wetting agents. Shogun Nutrients also use their own formula – Smartzen and Aquazen. You can see these products on our website by clicking on this link.

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