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Azos Beneficial Bacteria from Xtreme Gardening is an all natural, growth promoting, nitrogen fixing bacteria. It is a perfect product for using with cuttings or when transplanting plants. Nitrogen is taken from the air and converted into a plant usable form. During the growth phase, nitrogen is a very important element that the plant needs a lot of. With an ample supply, the plant develops roots and vegetative growth rapidly. Nitrogen also drives chlorophyll production and keeps plants green and efficient.

Azos is a bacterial isolate that comes from the Amazon basin, where the conditions make for a very effective product. At some point in history, some types of bacteria began processing nitrogen for plants in exchange for a food source. These “Diazotrophs” began to supply the plants with nitrogen from sources including plant matter, dead micro-organisms and atmospheric nitrogen. Azos Bacteria comes from the last of these that convert nitrogen from the air. This species of Azospirillum has a concentration of 1,000,000 CFU/g. It specializes in highly efficient conversion of nitrogen into the plant available NH3 (ammoniacal nitrogen). Azos can easily provide between 50 and 70% of the total nitrogen a plant would need for optimum growth.

Azos has many uses for plants in different stages of growth. Always follow the instructions on the pack to get the most out of it. Alternatively, you can see the dose rates in the Xtreme Gardening website by clicking here. This is a great, natural way of getting more nitrogen into your plants.

What alternatives are there to Azos Beneficial Bacteria?

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a few other bacteria and fungi additives that promote growth and support health. Azos is the only nitrogen fixing product we have in stock, but we do have other Xtreme Gardening mixers available. You can find them on our website by clicking here. Microbes are a great way of boosting plant health in a natural, organic way.

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