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Biobizz Bio Heaven is a plant energy booster which contains carefully selected bio stimulants, such as amino-acids. Amino-acids are the basic building blocks for the proteins and enzymes, which are essential to the structure and the metabolism of plants. As a result Biobizz Bio Heaven enhances utilization and translocation of nutrients in fertilizer blends & foliars and boosts up the anti-oxidant system of the plant. it also rids the plant of toxins built up during periods of stress, repairs chlorophyll and re-stimulates the plant. The L-amino acids used by Biobizz for Bio Heaven are extracted from soybean cake and other organic protein sources via enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation. This process ensures the amino acids come in L-form, the only type absorbed and used by plants.

Besides the L-amino acids, Bio Heaven contains natural  humus, one of the most versatile components in soil environments. This component, in combination with other operative substances in Bio Heaven, increases the quantity of minerals in the soil. Normally, the percentage of mineral uptake lies around the 5-10%, the substances within Biobizz Bio Heaven can raise it up to 95%. These processes it stimulates enhance the availability of nutritionally important trace elements, which are capable of entering plant cells. 2-5ml per litre.

Using Biobizz Bio Heaven

Bio Heaven is suitable for use on any substrate you may be using, not just soil. Many growers assume that it isn’t compatible with hydroponic systems, but in fact it works fine. Bio Grow and Fish Mix are the only Biobizz products thay cannot be used in these type of systems. We always suggest following the manufacturers grow schedule to ensure your plants get the right nutrition at the right time. They do the research so you get the best possible outcome!

Start using in the second week of grow. Stop using two weeks before harvest.

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we stock the range of Biobizz nutrients in various sizes which you can browse through by clicking this link!

Biobizz Grow Schedule – To view a larger size, right click and select “open in a new tab”

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