Biobizz Indoor Try Pack



The Biobizz Indoor Try Pack is great value box containing the essentials for a small indoor organic grow. The Indoor Try Pack contains Bio Grow 250ml, Bio Bloom 250ml and Top Max 250ml. This combination of the main Biobizz macro nutrients plus a bloom stimulator will allow the indoor grower to gain experience with the Biobizz organic nutrients as it provides basic feeding for 1-4 plants covering both the vegetative and flowering phases of plant growth. If you have ever wanted to give organic nutrients a try, the Biobizz Indoor Try  Pack is great value entry into the world of organic gardening. The box contains all the basics for a complete outdoor grow.

Biobizz Bio Grow is a superb quality nitrogen-rich nutrient for the vegetative phase. When the light cycle changes and the plants move into the flowering/bloom phase, add Bio Bloom and Top Max to ensure your plants receive all the necessary macro nutrients and bloom stimulants for a successful indoor grow. Biobizz Try Packs are not only a great introduction to organic nutrients and additives, they are also great value. This means for very little investment you can have a go at organic growing.

These Try Packs come in attractive presentation boxes and would be a perfect gift to a keen gardener who wants to give something new a try. And of course established organic growers will be snapping up these bargain boxes when they need a few organic essentials. If organic cultivation is your choice of growing technique, and you don’t know how to start, this could be it. Try one of the new Try Packs from Biobizz. It’s a complete pack that has been designed to be easy to use, and easy on the wallet! Be sure to follow the manufacturers grow schedule! This will ensure the best possible results!

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