BioBizz Leaf Coat Foliar Spray Ready to Use



Biobizz Leaf Coat is a ready to use organic spray that creates a barrier to protect leaves against insect plagues as well as fungi and mould spores. It also help to restrain evaporation. It is made from natural latex, plant waxes, seaweed and fish oil. Leaf Coat covers the leaf with a thin rubbery coating that deters the feeding of insects but does not affect the plant. Leaf Coat strengthens plants and provides them with a powerful expelling effect on harmful insects.

How does Biobizz Leaf Coat work?

Within a few hours after application, a very thin elastic layer forms around the leaves. This natural latex creates a protective, permeable, self-degradable layer on the leaf, while allowing the passage of air, carbon dioxide and light. This layer protects the plant against pests and diseases.

BioBizz Leaf Coat comes in a ready-to-use 500 ml spray bottle. Leaf Coat can revitalise and strengthen plants giving an expelling effect on harmful insects and protects them against leaf fungi and pests. It restrains evaporation using a protective, permeable and self-degradable natural latex layer on the leaf. The permeable layer allows air and light to pass through and its effects last up to two weeks until the light breaks it down.

Apply Leaf-Coat to plants in the vegetative and flowering stages, growing in soil mixes, coconut coir or rockwool. Leaf Coat has a pleasant aroma unlike many synthetic and toxic products and so is safe and convenient to use both outdoors and indoors. Using 100% organic BioBizz Leaf Coat can save you money by reducing the need to use insecticides.

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