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Buddhas Tree Advanced Meta-Boost stimulates and fuels a metabolic increase in the plant. This provides the correct type of energy sources for the plants’ cells to energize their activity. As we know, plants grow and develop by splitting and reproducing their cells. This takes a lot of energy. The plant expends energy converting elements in the nutrient into a form of energy that it can use at a cellular level. Advanced Meta-Boost provides the plant cells with the best and most usable type of fuel so that the plant doesn’t waste energy converting and producing its own.

It also allows the plant’s own saved energy to be put into other areas of its growth such as production of oils, resins, terpenes and sugars giving increases in taste and smell qualities. Meta-Boost allows your plant to utilise nutrients more completely and efficiently and in turn this stimulates an increase in nutrient uptake having a positive impact on yield and overall quality. For best results, use alongside Buddhas Tree PK 9/18 (click here to see it!). The combination of these two powerhouse nutrients will deliver a hard to beat harvest! Working together, one provides a boost to energy and the other supplies plenty of materials for building a bountiful crop.

Buddhas Tree Advanced Meta-Boost contains a various ingredients and extractions, all in a bid to increase productivity. From seaweed extracts to plant sugars to amino acids, it is a complete booster that works out great value for money in comparison with some other brands. Always follow the manufacturers instructions when using plant nutrients. That way you can be sure your plant will have the best chance at delivering the harvest you want! Always be sure to shake bottles well too. This mixes up the contents and makes sure any heavier particles are even throughout the bottle.


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