Buddhas Tree Defender is purpose made to protect your plants from diseases such as pythium. With development squarely for those growing in hydroponic systems, it works to inoculate the plants from attack, so giving you peace of mind. As those that grow in DWC or NFT will tell you, things happen quicker in hydro and the effects of disease are no exception. The problems can be worse still in hotter months, as bacteria and fungus thrive better in these conditions. If nutrient reservoir temperatures get too high, oxygen levels drop which allows pathogens to get a foothold. White, healthy roots take a turn for the worse and end up a sludgy brown mess. This severely affects the ability to draw up nutrition and as such top growth is halted as the plant starves.

Buddhas Tree Defender is effective after just one application, and that is all you will need. It is of a high concentrate, so a little goes a long way! Use for 5 days only in the early to middle vegging stage at a rate of just 0.5ml per water. After this time has passed, completely drain your system and replace with fresh water and nutrient. It is suitable for use a minimum of 4 days before flowering. You will be left with plants that have taken on Buddhas Tree Defender and are far more able to deal with pathogen attack. Defender works best as an inoculant; treating the plants before any sign of disease. Be prepared is the best motto here! Always give additives and nutrients a good shake before use and always be sure to follow the manufacturers instructions.

Other alternatives to Buddhas Tree Defender

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a few other options for treating and remedying disease attack. We suggest Plant Vitality B.P.M for botrytis and powdery mildew issues and Pyth Off for pythium treatment. Other options are under “Additives” on our website!

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