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Buddhas Tree Flower burst is an additive that encourages earlier flowering and so a head-start when it comes to blooming. Use it alongside your usual base nutrient and it will signal the plant to begin developing more flower sites and stronger roots. This is great for getting the plant ready for what will hopefully be a big yield, further down the line. Buddhas Tree contains no PGR compounds (Plant Growth Regulators) but does have highly available phosphorus. This encourages rapid root growth in the vegging stage. To compliment this, Flower Burst also has some boron in it, which assists in calcium uptake, strengthening the plant structure. Flower Burst is fairly unique in what it does, when it does it!

Buddhas Tree Flower Burst comes in a high concentrate form. The 100ml bottle will make 400 litres of solution! For best results, apply in the last week of the growth phase at just 0.25ml per litre (1ml per 4 litres, if you prefer). Continue this dosing into the first three weeks of the bloom phase and your fruits will be able to put on weight sooner. This head-start is what allows the eventual harvest to grow larger in the same period of time. You may also be able to take the harvest earlier than normal, if you so choose.

We always suggest the you follow the manufacturers instructions for best results. They are in the best position to advise how to get the most out their own products! As with any nutrient and additive bottles, it is best to give it a good shake before use to ensure even mixing of the contents. Buddhas Tree have built some renown around their products and for good reason. They really make top quality stuff!

What else is available from Buddhas Tree?

At Straight Up hydroponics, we stock other Buddhas Tree products. To have a look at what is available, please click this link.

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