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The benefits of supplementing your plants’ feeding regime with silica are generally well understood by the growing community. Buddhas Tree consider it to be an essential part of any nutrient regime. So why choose Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power over other silicon products on the market? The answer ultimately lies in the form of silicon that enters the plant. Silicic acid is the simplest most soluble basic form of silica. In nature, plants uptake silicon in this purest form of silicic acid from the soil where it naturally occurs. It is also the only form of Silica that is directly available to all of the plant and its biological systems.

For some time there has been a number of Silica/Silicon nutrient additives available on the market containing different types of soluble silica. Some for example are potassium silicate, and others of a similar nature. Whilst these provide some benefit, by their nature it is understood that these forms of silica and their usability and absorption by the plant are limited. Only a small proportion is available to the plant and it isn’t as easily trans-located around; this impacts on their effectiveness.

So why not supplement your plants with pure Silicic acid? Until now, the reason it hasn’t existed comes down to a quandary of bio-chemistry. Silicic acid by nature is very changeable and readily converts again into other forms of silica. This is not the case with Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power. The innovation and skill of their bio-chemist have come together to solve this problem and Buddha’s Tree are proud to offer our pure silicic acid nutrient supplement that is stable, safe and of the highest quality.

Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power is the only silicon nutrient supplement that the plant can truly make maximum use of. Buddha’s Tree want to bring the benefits of that to growers with the new product Solar Green Power and help you unlock the full potential of silicon, and benefit from its inclusion into your plants’ feeding regime.

Are there other silicon additives available?

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a few other silicon additives available. To have a look at what we stock, please click this link!

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