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Canna Aqua Flores is a professional nutrient for fast growing plants containing all the essential elements for the flowering phase. It fulfills the plants’ changing needs when blooming has begun. During the blooming phase considerably less nitrogen is needed, but there is an increased need for potassium and phosphorus. Aqua Flores is not only rich in these compounds, it also contains silicic acids, humic acids and fulvic acids. This results in the plants being able to optimally absorb all nutrients, in directly absorbable chelated trace elements. This is essential for accelerated fruit growth.

Using Canna Aqua Flores

Aqua Flores is suitable for use in recirculating hydroponics systems such as Nutrient Film Technique or Flood-And-Drain set-ups. Canna Aqua Flores is a 2-part nutrient where Part A and Part B are mixed with water in equal quantities before use. Canna separate these parts for a reason. If you mix parts A and B in concentrate, they clog together and can block up systems. That’s why you should first add the A component and then the B component when making up your nutrient solution. Canna Aqua Flores is the macronutrient made by Canna for use in recirculating hydroponics systems during the flowering phase. If you require the macronutrient made by Canna for the vegetative phase, you need Canna Aqua Vega (nb. Canna Aqua Vega is also a 2-part nutrient).

Aqua Flores is available in store or online in 1L, 5L or 10L sizes (volume of one of the bottles in the pair).  If you would prefer to use a one-part nutrient in your hydroponics system during the flowering phase, Straight Up Hydroponics has you covered! Click here to see all available base nutrients.

Canna recommend using their own products alonsgside Aqua Flores for best results.  Canna Boost Accelerator and Canna PK 13/14 work together to deliver exuberant flowering and a great harvest!

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