Canna Terra Seed Mix



Terra Seed mix is a soil medium that is perfect for seedling or for rooting cuttings. The EC level is just 0.4, which is a perfect level for very young plants. This is great news as it reduces the risk of fragile roots being burned by too much nutrition. Seed Mix is a blend of natural ingredients, consisting of coco coir, white peat, black peat, sand, dolomite lime, mineral NPK fertiliser and is packed into handy 25L sized bags. These ingredients ensure great aeration and drainage, which in turn facilitates the rapid growth of strong roots. 

For best results, use with an early stage feed such as Canna Start. Although it’s primary use is as a seed/ cutting soil, there is no reason you cannot continue to use it through all stages of growth. This will allow you complete control over the feeding regime, although considering size, it might get expensive!

As you may be aware, seeds and cuttings are best started off in smaller pots which can be potted on later. There are a few reasons!

  • As with most plants, aeration around the roots is important. When a small plant sits in a pot that is too big, air cannot reach in from underneath well enough.
  • A large volume of soil would hold lots of water – far more than the seedling would need. It would likely sit around at the bottom of the pot and encourage rot, or if it’s too waterlogged, damping off (stem rot)
  • How much do you want to spend on filling large pots with a soil dedicated to small plants? You’d need bags of Canna Terra Seed Mix to fill large pots and it is a waste!
  • In some cases, the plant in too big a pot will expand the root ball to fit the space available. You’ll see very little top growth in the first weeks as all the work is done underground
  • Potting up is fun!!
Plant feeds for use with Terra Seed mix

Looking for a liquid nutrient to use alongside Seed Mix? Canna do their own (Canna Start), or for something different, we find that our customers like Formulex, too!

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