Maxibright Pro CFL Reflector and CFL Kit




The Maxibright Pro CFL Reflector and CFL Bulb Kit is available in various lamp colours and wattages. It is a great option for developing cuttings and seedlings in a propagator when using a blue version. The red and dual lamps are a good low wattage solution for blooming when speed isn’t a priority. It also makes for great supplemental light, adding more lumens to your grow room.

The CFL Bulb Kit is very easy to install. Simply screw the lamp securely into the reflector and hang it up where you want it. The reflector has an on/ off switch on it for convenience and it plugs straight into the wall with a standard 3 pin plug. For greater control, you can use it with a segment timer which will turn it on and off automatically. We recommend a heavy duty contactor for maximum peace of mind.

The Maxibright Pro CFL Reflector makes sure as much of the light makes its way down onto the plant as possible. The design of the lamps means that light comes out at 360 degrees around it. Light that goes up and away from plants is essentially a waste unless you redirect it. Although it is true that reflected light is less effective, it is still preferable to it dissipating upwards.

What other options are there to the CFL Bulb Kit?

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a few other options when it comes to propagation lighting. You can find these on our site under “Propagation–>Lighting” or by clicking on this link. The CFL Bulb Kit remains a firm favourite with many growers for their ease of use and reliability.

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