CFL Lamp Lead



The CFL Lamp Lead enables ease of use of compact fluorescent lamps. They are suitable for use as both primary or supplementary lighting and are very popular for propagation. The CFL Lamp Lead is a low cost solution for powering such a lamp and are a simple plug and play product. As they have no reflective hood around them, the leads have only room for a single hanging hook on them. This generally means that using these leads means the CFL will hang vertically over your plants. The CFL Lamp Lead has a standard E40 fitting, making it suitable for use with any CFL lamp available at Straight up Hydroponics.

The leads are 2 metres long and have a standard UK plug on them which goes straight into a wall socket. You can, of course, run it through a good quality timer for automatic switching on and off. The CFL Lamp Lead is a popular choice for growers on a budget! Many growers also use them to put the propagation CFL into their main grow as an additional light source. More lights mean harder working plants, which means a greater yield! Why have a lamp that isn’t working?

What are the alternatives to the CFL Lamp Lead?

If you want to use a CFL but want to use it horizontally, we stock the Maxibright PRO CFL reflector. It works in much the same way as the lead, plugging into the wall or a timer. With a reflector around it, more light reflects downwards, increasing the total available lumens. They also have two hanging hooks making it easier to handle. Alternatively, we have LED propagation lights and T5 strip lights of different sizes should you want something different altogether. You can see all of these products on our website by clicking on this link.

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