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Clonex Mist from Growth Technology works in perfect tandem with Clonex Rooting Gel. After taking cuttings, dipping them in Clonex and planting you normally mist them regularly. Clonex Mist is the ideal substitute for plain water when spraying your young plants. Studies in New Zealand by an independent lab show how much of a benefit it can be. Roots can develop quicker, sometimes showing 10 days earlier than plants on just water! Not only that, but roots were up to 30% longer and 156% bigger by mass. This is a superb way of preparing your plants for a highly productive life!

Clonex Mist is suitable for use every 2-3 days in place of a plain water misting. You can also spray plants more often if they are looking dry, but don’t over do it! For best results, continue spraying the plants even after potting up, until they are well established. The plants will have the head start they need with a network of healthy, white productive roots just waiting to suck up nutrients!

Can I do anything else with Clonex Mist?

Yup! You can dose a mother plant with Clonex Mist once or twice in the week before taking cuttings. This will make sure the plants are in prime condition to take cuttings from. Each new plant will already have the mist nutrition in it which will give a further advantage to their development. Clonex Mist will help increase the success rate of cuttings too, leading to a higher end yield as a result of more plants making it.

As well as Clonex mist and Clonex Gel, we have other products that are great for the propagation stage. Many people underestimate the importance of this vital time in a plants life. Getting plants full of health and vitality from a propagator will mean they are more likely to deliver a strong harvest down the line. To see our propagation range, please click on this link.

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