Cylinder Airstone 5 Inch



The Cylinder Airstone is perfect for aquarium or hydroponic applications. The square supports of the air stone means the cylinder itself is up off the bottom surface of the water tank. This ensures aeration from the whole of the air stone, not just from the air stones upper surface. Cylinder Air Stones have 6mm intake fittings for connection to the air line available at Straight Up Hydroponics.

Use Cylinder Air Stones in conjunction with air line and an air pump to create a tank aeration kit. Cylinder Air Stones have many uses beyond hydroponics applications. Aeration of fish tanks is another popular use for these air stones. Many of our customers use Cylinder Air Stones to form the basis of Deep Water Culture (DWC) systems. If you are interested in making your own DWC set-up, you may want to check out our 20 litre black buckets with lids as well as our 14 cm net pots that are perfect for such applications.

What are the alternatives to the Cylinder Airstone?

Most air pumps have a design that requires and airstone of some kind. If you do want something different, we have the Ario 4 aerator available. These are submersible units that sit on the base of the water tank with an air line intake. Air pulls in and bubbles out directly from the unit in an adjustable flow. You can see this, and all the other aeration products on our website by clicking here!

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