Cypermite – Ready to Use Insect Spray

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Cypermite is a ready to use insecticide that will control a wide variety of pests. It is suitable for use on many, many types of plants including ornamentals, fruits and vegetables. It’s quick acting formula penetrates the plant and gets to work killing spider mite, aphids, caterpillars and beetles. As with the vast majority of insect killers, it also kills beneficial insects too. Be sure not to spray it on plants where bees are present, as the active ingredient (Cypermethrin) is harmful to them. Also, be sure to spray away from water courses and ponds too. It is also harmful to aquatic life.

Spray Cypermite when the lights go off, coating as much of the plants surfaces as you can. The lights need to be off to stop the light focusing through moisture droplets and burning the leaves. Cypermite is great as a preventative as well as a curative, as an extra line of defence against pests. Ideally, it should only have 2 applications per crop with at least 10 days between uses. Always take care when using pesticides and wash hands after use!

What are the alternatives to Cypermite?

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a few other products for controlling pests. From Neem oil repellents to sulphur burners to other sprays, they are all online. To have a look at what is available, please click here!

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