Digital Thermo Hygrometer with Probe



The Digital Thermo Hygrometer with Probe is a great addition to anybody’s grow room. It allows you to see both the temperature and humidity in your growing area at a glance. Having a probe, you can check these measurements without unzipping your tent and disturbing the plants. This has another benefit in that opening grow room doors tends to let air in which can change readings. This might lead you to think temperatures are fine when in fact they are too high. For best use, hang the meter itself outside the room and run the probe inside through a small opening. Ensure the probe is hanging in the middle of the plants middle to upper leaves. This is where all the action happens and where temperature and humidity is most critical.

What else can the Digital Thermo Hygrometer do?

The Digital Thermo Hygrometer has another useful feature in the min/ max button. Pressing this button will show you the highest and lowest recordings since you last reset it. This means you can easily monitor the environment over time, making sure that at no point things get extreme. Too high or low a temperature and the plants can suffer and start shutting down to concentrate on survival. Too high humidity and you run the risk of bud rot setting in. Keeping an eye on the environments is a great way of making sure your plants are happy. With the knowledge that your temperatures or humidity levels are getting too high, you have the opportunity to act before it’s too late.

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a few products that can help with control of the environment. Whether you need humidifiers or dehumidifiers, they are online under “Humidity”. Fans and extractors are under “Ventilation”. These are both in the “Environment” section of our site which you can reach by clicking here.

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