DNA Mills Ultimate Coco with Cork


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Mills have teamed up with DNA Genetics to bring you one of the finest coir medias you can buy! DNA Mills Ultimate Coco with Cork offers exceptional aeration around the root zone, which encourages very strong and healthy growth. The cork eliminates the need to use perlite or vermiculite and it is a natural product, keeping everything organic and natural. The coco also contains some Trichoderma; a beneficial fungus that is well known for increasing root development.

DNA Mills Ultimate Coco with Cork is ready to use, straight out of the bag. Some cheaper coir products need washing and buffering before use and even then the mix may be less than balanced. Of course you can use it with any nutrient range but Mills Basis and the rest of the range will give fantastic results! When watering, the ratio of coco to cork will ensure the media holds enough water while still retaining air within the cork. Roots will have plenty of access to water, nutrition and oxygen; supercharging growth.

As a further, environmentally friendly benefit, the use of cork supports thousands of cork industry workers. The cork is harvested using sustainable methods, preserving the tree and the wildlife that live around them.

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