Dutch Pro Hydro/ Coco Starter Kit



Are you thinking of giving Dutch Pro a go? Heard good things? Then you might be interested in the Dutch Pro starter box. With 1L of Hydro/ Coco Grow and Hydro/ Coco Bloom nutrients, 250ml of Explode, Multi Total and Take Root, you have everything you need to have a little test grow to see how you get on. At Straight Up Hydroponics we have found this to be a stepping stone on the way to becoming Dutch Pro converts!

Dutch Pro are definitely one of the rising stars in the hydroponics community. The results they deliver are fantastic (assuming the grower looks after their garden) and consistent, time after time. With 30 years experience of growing plants and plant nutrition, their feed range has a solid foundation of science and know-how. Included in the box is a grow schedule that we’d always recommend following carefully – written be the experts! With the additives being the size they are, you may very well need more. Straight Up Hydroponics stock Take Root, Multi Total and Explode in store or online for delivery if you prefer. Not only that, we also have Leaf Green, Keep It Clean and Dutch Pro Ph control in stock too.

As with all plant nutrients, be careful to not mix them in concentrated form. They will react badly and clump together. This will cause malnutrition in your plants that leads to you having to take corrective measures. This takes up valuable growing time!

Fancy trying out Dutch Pro on your next grow?

Interested in giving this popular range a go? Grab one of these great value starter boxes and give it a try! You’ll soon find that beneath the simple graphics and bottle design lies a powerful plant nutrient range that you and your plants will both love! If you do need any more supplies of Dutch Pro, you can find them here, on our website!

Dutch Pro Hydro/ Coco Grow Schedule – To view a larger size, right click and select “open in a new tab”

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