Dutch Pro PH Up 1L



Dutch Pro PH Up is a control solution that will raise the pH in your nutrient solution. Much like other brands that make pH Up products, DP use hydrogen peroxide for use in all stages of growth. Dutch Pro PH Up consists of hydrogen peroxide which is better for plants than a lot of other alkali liquids. The reason being, as it breaks down it delivers a little extra oxygen to your solution, which the plant needs around the root zone. “Regular” pH up products tend to be similar in concentration, only needing a few drops to make a big difference. Careful use can easily result in accurate adjustment which is important in hydroponics!

Don’t feel short changed with the lower cost! Dutch Pro Ph Up costs about half as much as other 1L sizes of pH Up, so it still works out great value for money. Dutch Pro have over 30 years experience in the horticulture industry and nutrient development. They ceertainly know a thing or two about what is best for the plant. They put little emphasis on flashy graphics and bespoke bottle design, instead letting the products speak for themselves.


As with any liquid of this nature, we urge you to use great care when handling acids or alkali solutions. They are corrosive and can easily cause burns if spilled on hands and can damage a range of surfaces and fabrics if direct contact is made. At Straight Up Hydroponics, we always recommend using pipettes to measure dangerous liquids as it keeps it away from your hands as much as possible. Never mix pH down and up in concentration. They can react in an explosive way! It is best to use different measuring tools if you are using both in the same proximity. To see our range of other pH adjusting solutions, click here!

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