EC Standard 2.76 300ml



EC Standard 2.76 is a solution for calibrating EC meters to maintain continuing accuracy in their measurements. Always check the instructions of the EC meter you have to make sure it does need calibration. Some meters, such as the Bluelab Truncheon, don’t require calibration due to their design. These just need a bit of a clean now and then to keep them working correctly. EC Standard 2.76 is also good for testing a meter you suspect is not reading right. As it is a set strength, the meter should read it perfectly so. If it is wrong, you’re meter is reading wrong and needs calibration.

What is EC and why should I use EC Standard 2.76?

EC stands for Electrical Conductivity and is a measurement of the strength of nutrition in the water tank. Meters usually have 2 electrodes that pass an electrical current through the water between them. It is the salts in the water the help conduct electricity and so a higher salt content means a higher EC.

Plants vary wildly in what EC they can handle; some like a strong solution, some can only take a weak feed. Following manufacturers instructions is a good thing, but sometimes it doesn’t always work out for the best. If you are using tap water, for example, the reading might come out higher than you might expect. The elements in solution in tap water (fluorides, calcium etc) all contribute to a higher reading. So by adding more elements on top, you are potentially raising the EC too high.

By knowing the ideal EC for your plants and keeping your solution in check, you help keep plants healthy. This is especially important in a hydroponics system where there is no media to act as a buffer. If you do add to much feed, you can always add a bit more water to dilute the mix (if tank space allows!). If you are looking for an EC meter, you can find them on our website, here.

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