Evolution Digital Fan Speed Controller Replacement Probe



The Evolution Digital Fan Speed Controller Replacement Probe is available for when the original sustains damage or gets lost.

The Evolution Digital Fan Speed Controller is a fantastic, versatile piece of kit; the choice of many professionals. When plants grow their optimum environment, they grow bigger and faster, resulting in an increase in yield. Keeping temperature and humidity stable allows plants to stays stable, creating a “reliable” place to grow in. Spikes and dips in temperature and humidity can cause the plant to slow down as it adjusts to the new conditions. The Evolution Digital Fan Speed Controller sets the benchmark for environmental control with is broad feature set. It constantly monitors the environment and adjusts the intake and outtake fans to reach the levels you set. It can control multiple fans through each port with a load rating of 6 amps each. These will need hard wiring into the controller, but it’s fairly straight forward to do.

What else can the Evolution Digital Fan Speed Controller do?

The Evolution Digital Fan Speed Controller will also control a heater up to 3kw in power. These will need to be the kind that switches on when power flows to it rather than one that needs the user to activate it manually. Bar heaters and oil radiators for example are ideal. You can also connect it up to the Evolution CO2 Controller too should you want to. When the CO2 unit switches on, the fan controller will temporarily switch off the fans to save them sucking the CO2 out. When you fully rig it all up, the Evolution system offers amazing control over the grow room environment that many other brands aspire to.

The Evolution may cost a little more than some other controllers, but the technology and versatility are worth the investment. You could start with just the fans and add the other features at a later date without having to pay again for an upgrade to the controller. The Ecotechnics website has plenty of information about the controller and other products and their customer service is great too. To see the other alternatives to the Evolution controller, please click this link.

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