Fortefog Mini P Fumer



The Fortefog Mini P Fumer is a very useful treatment for insects that get into hard to reach places! They are ideal for use when the grow room or tent is empty for getting the space ready for another grow. Spray insecticides are great at what they do, but it is all to easy to miss insects that can rapidly reproduce. The smoke from the Fortefog Mini P Fumer will completely fill the area, killing even well hidden bugs. It is effective against all kinds of insects including spidermite and flying bugs.

The Fortefog Mini P Fumer will treat between 7.5 to 120 cubic meters, depending on what you want to control. If you are killing spidermite, aim for the lower end of the area of effect. The 120 cubic meters is more for if you have or have had flying insects. To use, open the top, place on the floor in the centre of the area and light the taper. Ensure it is on a heat proof surface such as a brick. Exit the room as quickly as possible and close the door behind you. The room needs to be sealed so make sure fans are off and all openings are closed off. The fumer will release clouds of potassium chlorate and permethrin which is toxic to insects and animals.

After 16 hours, open the door and allow to ventilate for a while before using again for plants.

What can I use for a similar effect to the Fortefog Mini P Fumer while plants are growing?

Clouds of insect control are great for reaching everywhere in the grow room and can be more effective than sprays. The Hotbox Sulfume works in a similar way to the fumer but is suitable for use while plants are growing. To see these, as well as all the other insect control products, please click here!

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