GT901 Complete NFT System



PLEASE NOTE: The GT901 is available to order and is subject to delivery times. You can order it by dropping into your nearest Straight Up Hydroponics shop. Alternatively, if you would like to mail order it, please add it to the basket. Your order will ship when all of the items are in stock. You are welcome to call us on 01322 273444 if you want to discuss any part of your order. While we endeavour to source items as quickly as we can, suppliers occasionally run out of stock. You can leave a number for us to call when your order is in, or you can call us if you would prefer.

The GT901 Complete NFT System includes everything you need to grow plants hydroponically (except media!). The GT systems are compact and effective and many growers choose them for the amazing results they deliver. After you transplant the young plants into bigger rockwool cubes, let them root out a bit more before placing them on the system. When the roots begin to come through the base of the cube, they are ready to use on the GT901! Use a spare cube to cut out holes in the top plate and place the cubes into the holes on to the top tray.

When the pump is active, water pumps up onto the top tray, flows down past the cubes and drops back into the tank at the other end. The pump remains on all the time, constantly bathing the roots in water and nutrients. The water movement helps keep oxygen levels up and the roots have far more access to it. As the top tray sits above the water tank, it keeps it in the dark. This helps prevent algae from developing which can clog pumps and pipes.

The GT901 is very easy to use and when you need to change the nutrients, you can use the pump to do it. Simply disconnect the feed pipe and attach a hose leading to a bucket or drain. This makes draining and refilling easy, like when changing nutrients. These systems are low profile, meaning you don’t lose any head height. They stand just 20cm tall! If ever there was a good introduction to hydroponics.. this is it!

What other systems are there apart from the GT901?

NFT systems come in a wide variety of sizes from a couple of feet long to 16ft set ups. If you want to give NFT a go, you can find all of the options on our website by clicking here.

GT901 System information:

Tank Volume – 90L

Dimensions: 212cm x 53cm

Please note: We don’t usually stock this system and may need to order it in. Also, we do not ship it because of its fragile nature.

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