Guanokalong Bat Guano




Guanokalong Bat Guano is a natural bat dung soil enhancer that accelerates root development, produces exuberant flowering and improves flavour. There are many advantages to adding it to your soil. These include acceleration of root structuring, a strong flower period, and increase in resistance to bacterial attack. Guanokalong Bat Guano is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. This powder comes in a sturdy resealable plastic carton for convenient use.

The manufacturer provides this information about Guanokalong Bat Guano.

“This fertilizer is produced with the aid of natural ingredients from the droppings of bats. This guano has been piling up for hundreds of years in caves and, over time, this converts into compost. The ripe fruit and healthy insects in the rainforest mean the bats have a very high quality diet. They can pick and choose the very best food, which makes the best guano! Let the spirit of the jungle become a part of your garden with the aid of Guanokalong!

This plant nutrient is excellent for use in organic growing of consumable crops. It is packed with micro elements and enzymes which combine to boost the plant. This organic super manure works to improve taste, quality and yield. It has a rich and unique composition of macro and micro elements as well as enzymes. The macro element phosphorus is present in high quantities which is great for the flowering phase. Guanokalong gradually releases its minerals, which makes burning the plants roots all but impossible. The unique enzymes and the high calcium/magnesium-concentration of Guanokalong stimulate the micro organisms in the soil.”


At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a few other soil mixers that are great for increasing media nutrient content. There is also Palm Tree Ash which is high in potassium and makes a great partner to bat guano. You can find all of our mixers on our site by clicking here. Mixers are a fantastic way of revitalizing soil  or coco, therefore saving money!

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