Guanokalong Organics Seaweed Powder



Guanokalong Organics Seaweed Powder is part of a range of products that harness the power of nature to help supercharge your plants. None of the organics range contains any bat guano, so can be added alongside some if you want to. Seaweed has long been used to boost plant heath as it contains many anti-stress compounds. It is also has macro and micro elements that help nourish the plant and support growth and rooting. Plants will also enjoy a degree of resistance against harmful bacteria and diseases.

Guanokalong Organics Seaweed Powder is great in combination with all manner of nutrient systems. You can mix it into soil at a rate of 2 cups (100ml) per 15L in the first week or alternatively apply it as a top dressing. If you want to add it to water, add 1 cup to every 5L of water and feed to the plant. NPK 0.5-2-0.

Alternatives to Guanokalong Organics Seaweed Powder

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a few other options when it comes to fish and sea based additives. There is Fish Mix from BioBizz, RAW Kelp, G.O Seaweed and many other products with these ingredients in the formula. All of our nutrients and additives are on our website and you can see them by clicking here.