Guard ‘n’ aid Pest Pistol



At Straight Up Hydroponics, we find that many people forget the small things! This Pest Pistol is usually one of those things! It is a simple spray bottle that is great for using to apply pesticides and foliars. It has a capacity of 750ml which, most of the time, is plenty enough to treat plants. For best results we recommend using Mister Water with the Pest Pistol. It is purified water that can cause scale build up in the nozzle or on plant leaves. If you are using a particularly thick liquid for foliar spraying, it is a good idea to give it a few sprays with plain water after use. This helps keep all the internal pipes clean and prolongs life. There’s not much more to say about it….! It has a picture on the side!!

What can I use in the Pest Pistol?

Pretty much all pesticides and foliars are fine for use in the Pest Pistol. You can mix it up right in the bottle, simply add the product and then the water and give a good shake. If you’re using Mighty Wash then just pour it in and off you go. To have a look at what we have available, please click this link! If you need a heavier duty applicator with a continuous spray, we have the Aquaking Sprayer.

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